New Puppies Born March 6

Pyrenees pups born March 2010

At 2 weeks old, pups have eyes open and start to play a bit.

These pups were born March 6, 2010.  They grow extremely rapidly.

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  1. Brenda Negri says on :

    Hi there,

    I had a gal contact me out of AZ this week looking for a Pyr puppy. I sent her to your website, told her to contact you because you have a litter almost ready to go so I hope she called you. I don’t have any Pyr puppies myself right now just have a litter of 3 wk old 1/2 Kangal, 1/4 Anatolian, 1/4 Maremma pups and they’re all sold.

    Love your website and your Pyrs look like good solid dogs. Puppies are darling!

    Best wishes from south of you,

    Brenda Negri
    Winnemucca NV

  2. Butch and Connie McGee says on :

    We lost our 12 year old female pyrenees several months past and really miss her companionship and guarding abilities. We would love having another female pup. Do you plan on any litters in the near future? We live just outside of Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, on 30 acres. Our pyrenees originally was purchased to guard our sheep, goats and pigs. She did a nice job keeping the critters away, esp. the black bears. We do not have the animals anymore but would feel comfortable knowing we were guarded by a great pyrenees.

  3. Sharon Miles says on :

    We are looking for a Great Pyr to help us with our sheep we have a small farm and was wondering what you might have . I noticed you had Max left. We live in Rathdrum Idaho, so we might not be to far. Let me know what you might have.

    Sharon Miles

  4. CLYDE AND DEBBY says on :

    We’re looking for a female puppy to be with us, some minature sheep, and horses on 37 acres. We have been checking your web site off and on. could you tell us when you will have another litter, and if you have any you’re planning around March of 2012.
    Also would like to know if these type of dogs have any problems with other dogs appreciate you contacting use with your information and for your time.
    We live in Council, Idaho.
    Clyde and Debby

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