Great Pyrenees Puppies Born November 19, 2012

This is another litter from Jackie.

All pups have had their first two rounds of shots and a vet check.  Weights are from the January 29 vet check.

We can arrange delivery to most of Idaho and western Montana. Delivery fee is generally $35-$50,  free for the following areas if we can meet at a convenient location:

For Montana: points between Lost Trail Pass and Salmon and points between Bozeman and Salmon, ID. Occasionally points between Lost Trail Pass and Missoula.

For Idaho: points between Salmon and Boise.

We will also discount if you purchase more than one puppy.

Click on each puppy’s name to see pictures and a description.

Pepper SOLD

$275. Female with badgering. 20.5 lbs.  Small, sweet, loves to play.


$445.  Female with badgering. 21.6 lbs.  Very calm. Would do well as livestock guardian and family dog for a family with older children.

Peggy SOLD

$445.  Female with badgering.  20.5 lbs.  A little shy but very sweet; loves children of all ages.

Maria SOLD

$445.  Female with badgering. 21.0 lbs.  Very sweet and playful, go0d with young children.

Steve SOLD

$485.  Male with badgering. 25.7 lbs.  This pup was named for Captain America (my kids are hooked), and like the captain, he’s sweet, confident, and alert. Most assertive puppy in the litter but not in any way aggressive. Would do best as livestock guardian and family dog for a family with older children.

Thor  SOLD

$485.  Male, all white. 25.7 lbs.  One of the biggest pups in litter. Very friendly and calm, extremely sweet.  Would do well with small children.

Tony  SOLD

$475.  Male with badgering. 25,3,  Very sweet; loves everybody of any size (adult to little kids). Would be a great family companion or a combination guard/companion on small acreage.

Clint  SOLD

$475.  Male, all white. 24lbs.  Very sweet and gentle. Likes kids.  Would be a wonderful family companion.


$475.  Male with badgering. 23.3 lbs.  Very calm and confident.  Would be a great family companion for a family with children of any ages, as well as a guardian for a small to large acreage.