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Great Pyrenees are Not

Glenn’s Take: What Great Pyrennes are not

-lap dogs. My lap is not big enough to share with a 100+ lb dog.

-car dogs. Both inside and outside. Outside the car, they believe that any and all cars or trucks or semis or freight trains will stop for them (this is the reason that this is the number one cause of Pyrennes’ death). Inside the car, they will jump on your lap while you drive and act like a deployed airbag, all the while breathing their wonderful breath and maybe licking your face.

-apartment dogs. They have luxurious coats that are made to live outdoors, even with frosty winter nights. On hot days, they need shade.

-dependants. Well, they are, but no one ever can tell them this. They don’t know that they need you. They honestly believe that you need them. They love you with a passion, but can be aloof and not come to your call, especially if they perceive that there is patrolling or protection business at hand. But all that said, they are the kindest, sweetest, most protective free agent friends a person could have.

-mechanics companions. Every Pyr we have had feels that it is his or her duty to wiggle and snuggle next to me while I am under a vehicle working on it and lick my face in this place where I am totally defenseless. Remember, you can’t slap or hit your Pyr. They only really respond to Alpha rollovers with neck and ruff grabs (they will really respect you for that). Not enough room under the car…

-dogs who do tricks like fetch, roll over, play dead. These Pyrs have a great sense of dignity. This does not mean that they are not playful. On the contrary, they are great tag players, wrestlers, and lovers of fun. What is really cool is to see all of them play with different levels of strength with each of us. They will wrestle really hard with Glenn (dad) but very gently with the little kids, putting the kid gloves on with our 5 year old. They are the one dog breed that we know that we can really trust with the kids, even while they have litters of little ones of their own.

-frisbee dogs. I’ve never seen a Pyr with an interest in fetching and retrieving. I have seen them grab my stuff often and hide it in some warped mind game they play. I have lost gloves only to find them weeks later a quarter mile away. This leprecaunic habit is common through the breed.

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