Buying a Great Pyrenees Puppy from Us

Our massive Great Pyrenees Stud and little kid
Before you go any further, please make sure that a Great Pyrenees puppy is for you. Read this: Do you really want a Great Pyrenees?

We can deliver for free to parts of western Montana and all of Idaho. Some areas may require a modest delivery fee. We do not ship puppies by air freight.

We require a $75 non-refundable deposit and a signed sales contract to reserve a puppy. Please read through our puppy contract and make sure you understand the terms: Puppy Contract.

You can contact us by email and we will send you a printable contract for you to sign and return with your deposit.

Important: Please think about how the dog will be used and make sure we have a dog available that fits your needs. We keep our puppies a little longer than some breeders because we want to determine personality and suitability for use as a companion dog, small acreage guard dog, or large acreage guard dog. Some dogs are by nature aloof and uninterested in people. These dogs make excellent large acreage guard dogs, but are less suitable as companion dogs. Conversely, if you need a dog that will guard sheep or goats and bond to the herd rather than people, you do not want one of our dogs that we consider best suited as companion dogs. These dogs will probably end up as “yard ornaments,” hanging around your family rather than the flocks they are supposed to be guarding. While training can overcome to some degree a dog’s natural temperament, training is much easier with a dog already bent toward a certain type of service. We will ask you what you plan to use the dog for, and reserve the right to not sell you a dog that is unsuitable for your purposed. This is to protect both you and the dog.

Great Pyrenees are wonderful dogs, but some of them end up in shelters and rescues because the buyer fell in love with a very cute puppy, but was not prepared for the reality of Pyrenees ownership. We want to find our Pyrenees permanent positions.